Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week of Love in New York

Last Sunday was a beautiful and historic day for New York when we became the 6th state to allow same sex marriage. Sunday was the first day that couples could wed, and when I arrived at the Manhattan court house at 8am there was a line around the block with hundreds of couples waiting to wed. The scene outside the courthouse was like a party, with couples and supporters crowding the sidewalk, even breaking out in song at some points with "going to the chapel, and we're going to get marrieddd!" Later on I went over to the Brooklyn court house and it was the same thing, with supporters crowding the sidewalk and cheering on the couples as they exited the building after being married. It was reported that the judges were bickering with each other, each wanted a turn to marry a same sex couple on the historic day. City hall across the street set up a sort of party room with free champagne, cake, music and a photo booth for the couples.

The entire day was amazing and I'm so thankful I got to photograph it. My entire shift I was grinning ear to ear behind my camera. I'm very proud to have been raised in Massachusetts, the first state to allow same sex marriage, and now to live in New York city. Finally the law here reflects our population.

Phyllis Sifel and Connie Kopelov (seated) are the first couple to be married in New York City

(L-R) Damian Ross and Gary Coshgrove kiss outside the Manhattan City Clerk's office

(L-R) Myron Levine and Philip Zinderman celebrate after being married outside the Manhattan City Clerk's office July 24, 2011. They have been together for 51 years.

Nastassia Heurtelou and Luz Heurtelou (right) are married at the Brooklyn Clerk's Office

Margie Baker wipes frosting on her spouse Edie Jud after being married at the Brooklyn Clerk's Office

Saturday was a whirlwind day. I volunteered at the Central Park Pop Up Chapel, where photographers, videographers and volunteers donated their time and skill to wed 24 same sex couples.

"I promise I will understand if you decide to eat an entire bag of swedish fish for dinner. I promise I will always do the 10pm dog walk. And I promise that I will always have your back no matter what life throws at us."

Bryn and Leila

Christabelle and Valerie

After the pop up chapel I shot the engagement party of Ken and Christina in SoHo.

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