Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunderbans, Bangladesh

I've spent my last month in South Asia traveling and photographing through the Sunderbans in Bangladesh, working on a story and multimedia piece about tigers. It should be put together in the next 2 or 3 months. Here are some snapshots from the trip in the meantime.

Tigers attack from behind so we bought Halloween masks in Dhaka before taking off

Fresh honey from the hive.


More staring.

After the rain.

There are baby goats everywhere.

You can't be a real photojournalist without a Leica, Afgan scarf and hat.


Christian said...

Allison, do the tiger masks actually work & scare off the tigers? Great photos. So now I know where my neighbors in Jackson Hts., Queens, come from. Peace & blessing. ~Christian C. (MySpace friend who met you at Fat Cat a few yrs ago.)

Wasiu Osman said...

superb photography,but i mainly want to know from where you guys bought these masks??? please< mension the store name... i need those badly...