Saturday, October 4, 2008

Members of the Sukyo Mahikari organization worship at the Manhattan center. Sukyo Mahikari is a God-centred approach to living that strives to help people grow spiritually and live in greater harmony with nature and others. It is open to people from all religions.
"Sukyo Mahikari encourages selfless service that enables a person to return of his or her original condition as a child of God by purifying spiritually. This is achieved through the practice of giving Divine Light to others (shown above) and nurturing an altruistic attitude." 10/04/08


amy said...

wow, what a great set of photographs you have here... truly amazing!

Colette Aimee Burmester said...

Hey lady!
How wonderful to see the photos!
Looks great!
~The girl with the blue hair

Carlos Cook said...

nice Pic. Good Kumite

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see that someone likes mahikari!

Im mahikari-tay from Brasil...

send emails to me!


Anonymous said...

Great! This is such a precious path! Changed my life!